Wherein Lies All Civilization (and All WiFi)

All the road trips we’ve been on exist in the same moment: the Arkansas regions of Western Pennsylvania are those winding moonlit coastlines are so many dizzy, endless arteries of you-don’t-know-where New York. This one begins with the first real conversation we’ve had in years and ends four-and-a-half hours later with deafening ears and Rhododendron bushes trapped in the void of East Pittsburgh Nowhere’s Alpine Street. Here is Confederate flags turned “Happy Holidays” banners in April; is gas station coffee grounds and misnomers flown proudly (you’d have a terrible holiday if you went to Hollidaysburg and no one in East Freedom was very free—there was nothing to do there so liberation would be futile). Here is McDonald’s the Zenith, spirit of the West.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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